Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tues Jan 15- First OT

Today I will share with you an all caps announcement:



Two PT people, a big dude with a stupendous full beard (which James had the presence of mind and time to actually compliment the man on!) and a teeny Asian girl helped James sit up in bed.

Then, as he was leaning on me and the girl was preventing him from falling backward and the dude was organizing his lines/tubes, the girl arranged his left (bad) arm around me, saying cheerfully "Why don't you give your wife a big hug!". He had already put his good (right) arm around me loosely.

James is the kind of guy who refuses to tolerate or obey chirpy photographers from arranging him or asking him to lean in or whatever. So I could just hear his mental dialogue.

I mentioned to him that his hug felt like I was in the (terrible) movie Neighborhood Watch. We had just watched it "before." Of course, I didn't simply say,  "Honey, that his hug feels like I am in that awful movie Neighborhood Watch."

I was like that horrible woman who goes into Blockbuster and is all, "you know that one movie with that one guy...?"

What I said was, "This hug feels like posing with the dead alien in that awful movie. What was it? We just watched it. It was with the tall guy from Swingers and Ben from Zoolander." And the big PT dude was like, "Vince Vaughn? Neighborhood Watch?"

And as I was saying, "Yeah!" this beautiful chuckling vibration comes from James' chest. (Contrary to what any of YOU may think, my husband does NOT think I'm funny. Funny LOOKIN, he says)

So although I was totally preoccupied with the fact that he was leaning hard on me with the bad (left) side of his face (where I know for a fact there is a bone in the totally wrong spot), and to help keep him upright I was pressing firmly on his broken sternum, and I was balancing him by pushing his shoulder against his broken clavicle, I felt happy and loved. Ahhh.

So when he wasn't dizzy any longer, they asked him if he wanted to pivot on his good (right) heel and sit in the chair that they had all arranged for him. At first he was unsure but then he was like, now or never, and over he went. Sat in the chair for over half an hour!

I was so proud. He was a champion!

In other news, I broke 3 fingernails between the parking garage and his room but that is so unimpressive comparatively. At least I got another smile out of him.

They are coming in early before his (facial bone) surgery tomorrow to do it again.

Prayers for his fighting spirit, that he would "talk to himself instead of listen to himself," for the surgery tomorrow, for the surgeon, for James to tolerate the OR ventilator.


  1. Love hearing the progress and the joy that you are experiencing in the small steps! Sending love,

  2. Tracy
    This is beautiful news and of course your writing skills give such a wonderful mental picture I can almost see the scene as you (tiny little you) and big handsome James embracing each other. Makes me smile and a tear is forming in my eye right now. These success stories keep me going. Thank you for posting and keeping me informed afar (not too far, but not easily reached). I hope to get up there again on Saturday if I can get a sitter for my mother.
    Give James my love. He was really so sweet to me yesterday when I told him Randi said hello and she loved him - I could see the compassion and love in his eyes as he used his good arm to stroke the side of my face. That's when I had to walk out of the room and stand in the hallway and just cry some more.

  3. Robert and Jessica TornJanuary 15, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    Way to go James. It's nice to know the accident didn't take your sense of humor. :) Keep it up.

  4. Praise the Lord!
    Making progress!
    Prayers continuously!!! Give him a big bear hug from me!
    Love you all!

  5. Glad to hear this news Tracy! Barie and I continue to pray for you guys. God is good.


  6. Joan Durazzo so glad to hear that things are moving along with his recovery, tracy! we will keep james and the family in our thoughts and prayers, as we know there is still so much more to come for you all! we love you!