Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tues Jan 22- Clavicle

Check out that break- ouch!

After healing for three weeks, as much as possible when it was so separated from itself, they decided to fix the clavicle fracture.

I guess they decide whether or not to set the clavicle based on whether you need it for support when you are in rehab. They made his left foot "toe-touch" so my understanding is that he'll use a platform walker for a while and will need his clavicle to bear weight, so to speak, so they are fixing the clavicle fixed with a titanium plate.

I don't have an after shot of the clavicle because I haven't gotten the CD from imaging here at Brackenridge yet.

I usually get to the hospital about 8:30 because that is when they open to guests again. Today I came in and James was already gone to OR! They took him about 6:45 and by the time I got here two hours later, he had gone in "with a thumbs up," the day nurse said.

He was back in his room by 11, and pretty uncomfortable. I'm so thankful that he was unconscious after the other day of fracture repairs, on January 1.

He has had a lot more pain today, because he is awake and alert to know. Which I'm thankful for- the alertness, I mean.  He has been enjoying his iPod and singing along and conducting and air guitar picking. Good meds.

He had a visitor too, who said it couldn't get better than morphine, the Grateful Dead, and a foot rub from a beautiful red-headed woman- even if it his sister.

I was excited because James asked about continuing his plan to be baptized!

So, now we are done with surgeries and are on a new road called getting off support and moving into the rehab phase. There is talk about being in a lower intensity room/floor by Friday!!! That is great news  'cause then the kids could visit every day.

To get there he needs to do a swallow assessment and get his trach downsized. His trach is a size 8. Next is a size 6 and then a 4. At the size 4, he can put a cap on the trach and speak! Jackson and Lily can't wait to see James and talk to him.

As far as the PEG feeding tube, he is supposed to increase liquid oral intake and decrease the feeding tube rate. As he gets more calories from real food he gets less dependent on the tube and then off it altogether!

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  1. Angie Gohmann Hatla Yea the kids got to come visit!!!!! I know that was therapeutic for everyone. Thanks for the updates! I hang on every word!