Friday, January 11, 2013

Thurs Jan 10- Quick Update

Please continue to pray for James and very specifically

1.       For no secondary infections during his stay at the hospital
2.       For oxygen saturation levels to remain high, especially during procedures and surgeries
3.       For normal body temperature
4.       Avoiding pneumonia
5.       No traumatic brain injury – won’t know the status until he wakes up but that keeps getting postponed.

His mom and sister will arrive tonight, pray for comfort and safe arrival.  They will be going to the hospital tomorrow am to see him for the first time.
Pray for easy transition of the kids who are returning home Friday afternoon.
Pray for adequate support with finances and strength.
Pray for safe travels for Tracy’s mom who is returning to S.C. this weekend to support her sister with her new baby.
Pray for endurance of everyone involved and wisdom for the doctors.  

Yesterday was very hard for me so I "let" myself take the morning "off." I stayed with Jackson, Lily, and Joseph at my mom's for a leisurely morning. Then I went to Michelle's (my main handler) house and brainstormed for a while. I met a friend, Rhonda, there, and she gave me homemade scones- 4 flavors- to bribe give to the nurses. I picked up a laptop with wifi from my doula and friend, Jenni, to work on this blog at the hospital.

Then I walk into James' room and he has a high fever of 102 for the first time, and isn't responding to Tylenol. I leave his side for JUST A SECOND!  and see what happens. sheesh.

I talk to James' cousin Jimmy about what kind of car I want to get- a high, solid, airbag-plentiful, safe, heavy car. I'm thinking an Excursion.

Hit us in this, sucka!
An x-ray shows that James has a "hazy opacity" on his beat-up left lung. The RN says this may be more atelectisis or the beginnings of pneumonia.

Before I go to bed I call in to check on him.


  1. That does look like a good, tough vehicle. What are you driving now? How are you getting from place to place? Love, Angela Moore


  2. Rachel Barrett Schmidt I woke up at 3:30 am this morning with you rand your husband on my mind. Just want to let you know God is convicting others to get up even in the dark and pray for all of you. I got on the computer right away to read any updates and pray.
    January 11 at 4:05am ·

  3. MJ Denis Praying! Lord, thank you for carrying James and Tracy Dear during this time of healing. Please keep infections from entering James' body and help his lungs heal quickly so he can withstand surgery. Give Tracy peace knowing you've got her back, God. Thank you for surrounding the Dear family with people to love and support them. Amen!