Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summary of January 2013

A quick summary of what happened in January- a phrase or two a day.
  1. femur, humerus, L radius & ulna, R radius set with rods and plates
  2. rest- trying to stabilize blood pressure, blood transfusion
  3. pelvis and acetabulum set with rods; bad "wake-up"
  4. failed ambulance transport to Brackenridge
  5. good reaction wake-up
  6. rest
  7. Starflight to Brackenridge
  8. rest
  9. facial surgery to set bones and sinuses- cancelled
  10. rest
  11. tracheotomy and PEG (feeding tube) installed; burr hole to drain cranial hematoma; great wake-up reactions; pneumonia developing possibly
  12. looking around, moving R arm
  13. angry, upset
  14. rest
  15. 1st PT/OT
  16. wrote correctly! facial surgery- sinuses and facial bones set (11 hrs)
  17. rest
  18. nose repair (broken on 16th); very upset
  19. very agitated- later, first good rest; 6 hrs!
  20. saw kids first time
  21. rest. Beginning to remember day before/what is said
  22. clavicle set with plate
  23. rest
  24. catheter out, trach downsized (6)
  25. applied to VA rehab
  26. rest
  27. trach downsized (4), talked! passed swallow eval- ate food
  28. rest
  29. trach removed!
  30. rest 

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