Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Seeing the Van After the Wreck

Today I went to get a rental car. I also went with my insurance agent to get anything salvageable from the van- we had a piece-of-crap 1999 Honda Odyssey. I brought two Ikea bags.

You know how they say, "Always wear clean underwear in case you're in a wreck." Well I think we should add, "Always keep your minivan presentable, in case you're in a wreck." I filled both Ikea bags with our stuff- James' shoes, the kids' books, some toys, the new stroller, the diaper bag, a big bag of dog food. Every item I picked up I had to shake the most fine splinters of glass off. All the little storage bins in the car had jumped out of their sockets in the impact. Also a few parts of the other car were in our van. Also, it appeared that the rescue people swept up the highway and dumped all the medical waste and broken glass into our trunk.

I was overwhelmed by the sight of the car- the disaster it was- and then finally realized that all the crap everywhere had been cut off of the car, and then piled on top all haphazardly after James was taken from the scene.

There were three things in the van that were ruined in a terrifying, horrifyingly amazing way. A pair of gloves, a Pillow Pet, and Claire's backpack all had seams split (fabric stitching). There was a metal tin of watercolors in Claire's backpack that cut the durable fabric in an L-shaped cut that matched the corner of the tin. Also, the entire side of her bag had every seam split- zipper, corner, everything. But how does a fluffy pillow sustain enough force to split seams?! It's not visually impressive but it's hard to wrap your mind around that kind of physics. You can see a few here.

These are pictures of the dually- a 2005 Dodge- that hit James.You can see the rim bent back and how the pair of wheels were knocked off the axis altogether.


  1. My Mom as in a bad car accident when I was in college, and her car looked similar to that. I was in the process of packing her van to take my stuff up to college, so there was all sorts of stuff in the car.
    The accident report listed 8 pairs of sunglasses in the car. That always amused us as we were sitting in the hospital waiting in the ER.


  2. Kevin Walton That is pretty shocking, again thanks for sharing. It's hard to fathom just how destructive this wreck was when I haven't seen the effects like you have. You all are always in my thoughts and I wish so badly I was nearby to help more. Take care.
    January 13 at 1:00am via mobile · Like

  3. Whoa!!! What a wreck! Looking at the car's photos, it must've been a really bad car accident! I just hope no one was totally hurt in that accident. How did you deal with this legally? Have you had any legal issues?
    Maggie Malone @ Mastrangelo Law Offices