Monday, January 7, 2013

Mon Jan 7- Starflight

Day's Prayer Requests
- Transfer via Starflight to Brackenridge
- Continue to pray for upcoming eye surgery
- Transition for James off sedatives to more alert/awake scenario

- Successful transfer!
- Great team of docs & nurses

 Details of the day...
Well they investigated the reasons behind why James was supposed to transfer to Brackenridge. There are cut and dry reasons and he will get the best care there- they have done this type of surgery before. I'm satisfied they don't want to transfer him at all but that they have to. The specialist at Brackenridge is in angioplasty.  The reason this is important is that he is able to keep the nerve endings viable and they can be attached to the prosthetic eye so it will track with James' other eye.  Praise God for these things.

James was transferred by helicopter to Brackenridge Monday evening. 

Tracy has this to say on FB..
Well he is up up and away! They were so competent- he was all tucked in and all his #s were great... all that was poking out were little socked feet and an eyebrow. I'm going to take a loong shower and feed the baby and then go meet the pm nurses and get the gist of the new place at 9.

Then from Michelle
James is good. Very nice staff. Very aggressive about getting him coherent and sitting up and recovering. I am not ready but they seemed great and in good but tired spirits. 

Next steps:
The next major prayer request is eye surgery which is tentatively set for Wednesday, the 9th.  I say tentatively since I have not heard of the time it is set for at this point. Post surgery, the plan is to slowly take James off the sedatives, to get him awake & alert and start transitioning towards rehab & recovery.  James' mom & sister arrive on Friday.  The plan once they get here is to have one person at the hospital at all times between mom, sister & Tracy, then two at home taking care of the kids.

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