Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lip Reader, I am Not

If you look carefully at the top of that picture, you can find the phrase "worst linguist ever." Which would be me.

James is much more willing to write now that his fingers are less swollen and more flexible. Also, I trimmed his nails and he is having more success with typing on the borrowed iPad.

Ironically, when he is upset I understand more than when he is enunciating. Of course, the purpose of enunciating is to clarify SOUND, and actually makes it harder to lip read.

" Jenni," James tells me, "she never needs the pen and pad."

"Humph." Is all I have to say to that.

Let me thrill you all with the news that James wants to write a blog post soon! He is a fabulous writer, and did you know once we were in the NY Times for writing?


  1. I can't wait! I do read lips and have most of my life due to poor hearing. So happy that you guys have a better way to communicate, yeehaw!!;) love aunt Cindy

  2. I'm really sad I didn't make it up there today. I'm working out the arrangements for the next time I can come. I love you James, Tracy, Claire, Jackson, Lily, Nathan, Joseph, Jenni and Cornell. Jenni & Cornell are doing a great job of keeping the homefront in line while Tracy is taking care of her beloved! So pleased that you are communicating better.