Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sat Jan 5- He's in There!!

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers.

 1) Praises!!! As we speak this morning, James is responding to Tracy, looking at her, shedding a tear as she reads a text from his mom. His first real response. =) She is telling him we all say “hi” and love him and are praying! Also Tracy is very rested today and had some unexpected, welcome quiet time in the Scripture this morning before getting to the hospital. The talk with the kids yesterday went beautifully with Tracy able to communicate calmly the necessary details of their dad’s situation. James' friend George stopped by the hospital last night, as well as 2 elders from the church – Tracy felt this added a very positive male energy from the men in his life.

  2) Seton wasn’t able to move him yesterday, because physically he wasn’t handling it. Please pray they could either do the surgery in Round Rock, or for his safe smooth travel if needed.

 3) Medical priority list: please pray for his lung function, the eye & face surgery (probably Wednesday), that he will wake up well from the sedatives, the ventilator could be removed and for eventual rehab.

 4) Currently, his temperature is slightly elevated, which is normal, please pray it won’t escalate.

 5) Please continue to pray for the kids’ adjustment, particularly Jackson, who is finding it difficult to settle down anywhere. Heavy on Tracy’s heart.

 6) Please pray for a new normal for the whole family to be able to start sooner than later, with the kids reunited and Tracy at home.
*Copied from post by Amy Glass on the City(HCBCRR)

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