Friday, January 4, 2013

Fri Jan 4

Prayer Requests

1) Last night was extremely difficult as they brought James to consciousness. He thrashed and didn't respond to comfort or instruction. Emotionally overwhelming for Tracy, and they may be trying that again this morning. Praise for Kathryn Meece and her friend Kristi Richards who were there to be supportive. 2) Sounds like it may be a priority now to move him to Brackenridge (further south than they thought they would have to move him), in order to get him settled for a few days before eye surgery. Please pray for wisdom and timing, and also ** that somehow they could be persuaded to move him BACK to Round Rock after recovery to be closer to his support network.

 3) Her talk with the older kids was postponed til this morning. Please pray for a good time to leave the hospital for a few hours and for a very good starting conversation with all her kids, whom she has not been in contact with.

4) Tracy is a “rule follower” and feeling such a tension that there may be things she needs to “fight” for on behalf of her husband that she doesn’t even know about – insurance, hospital location, etc. Please pray she will have the wisdom and ability to be assertive at the right times.

 5) Her insurance agent’s brother Nat was in the car with James. Raising questions about conflict of interest, even though they are all good friends. Please pray for honesty and maximum amount of benefit for all involved. She feels a little like the “sharks are circling”.

 6) Volunteer-wise, Tracy requested this morning that we ask some of our men to come for an hour or two at night to read Scripture to James, it is on her heart to minister to his spirit even as he sleeps. And we are struggling logistically to communicate efficiently to everyone. Please pray for God to bring the right folks who will be able to serve in these capacities. Again, thank you all so much for your prayers.

*Copied from post by Amy Glass on the City(HCBCRR)

If I didn't have this perfect fat sleeping infant beside me resting his dimpled warm hand on my arm, I'd be up walking in circles picking things up and putting them down again. I thought I slept thru the night but it was less than 2 hrs. It just occurred to me to thank God that James even survived the collision. Pray for me to stay calm when they try to wake James again sometime tomorrow a.m. Still haven't laid eyes on any of my big kids.

*Posted by Tracy on Facebook

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