Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thurs Jan 3- Pelvis Repair

Prayer Requests
 As we speak, (8:45 am) James is being taken off all sedatives in hopeful preparation for surgery at 10 am on his pelvis and clavicle.

1) Before surgery, they want to make sure he can actually respond to the doctors. This is huge as it is an indication of brain function, and is a huge concern for Tracy.

2) Tracy is also very concerned about James being frightened as he realizes the shape he is in.

 Blake Magee, our family pastor, is headed to the hospital right now to support them. Please pray for the family at this time, for peace and strength, for high level responses, and for a successful surgery. The next expected surgery will be eye surgery (to remove his right eye), probably in a couple of days. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

*Copied from post by Amy Glass on the City (HCBCRR)


They only repaired his pelvis, they said they couldn't do the clavicle because he still had the neck brace on. Evidently to repair the clavicle they have to turn his head far to the side and don't want to do that until the brace is off. To get the brace off, they said he has to wake up and "say his neck doesn't hurt" which has to be simplistic, because he was just hit by a truck, for Pete's sake, and how can it NOT hurt??

I spent some time this evening picking glass shards and dusty small fragments from his chest hair. Trying to grab a tiny piece of transparent uneven glass through the maze of chest hair and scrape it off into a plastic cup gave me a small way to minister him this evening.

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