Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wed, Jan 2

I've slept 4 hrs since I woke up the morning of the 31st. I went and got stuff from the car and the force evident in the twisted metal was shocking. James had a quiet day of recovering. He has a slight fever (99) now. They are planning to take him off his sedatives (on since 7 pm Mon) for a moment in the morning to check his responses. This will be hard for him but they are leaving his pain meds on (thank God). He has the 4 bones of his eye socket broken, and got stitches all around his eye this morning. Thank you for your support! * Posted by Tracy on Facebook

 Prayer Requests

 1) She is feeling overwhelmed as she walked in and heard about 3-5 new broken bones. Some of them are still too swollen to work with. The issues are like a “stack of pancakes” – heart rate, BP rate, pain, facial bones, eye surgery still, they are all piled on top of each other, switching places with each other, around and around.

 2) There is a sinus bone shaped like an egg between his eyebrows. It is broken on the face side and inside on the brain side. Please pray the brain will create a dam against bacteria since there is a cut on his face that could introduce bacteria right into his brain – they are monitoring and hoping for this to not develop into a problem

3) The eye surgery will happen at a trauma center in downtown Austin. Please pray that after the recovery, he will be able to be transported back to Round Rock where his family and friends are closest.

4) Tracy has slept about 3 1/2 hours since the accident. Please pray that things will settle down for a while and she will be able to break away today and get some rest.

  1) His potassium levels are still good this morning which means his kidneys are holding strong (after a scare yesterday).

2) His wedding ring was found and returned to Tracy! She wanted to make sure ya’ll heard about that. She was so excited.
*Copied from post by Amy Glass on the City(HCBCRR)

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