Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tues Jan 1- Long Bone Repair

Today James had surgeries to repair his long bones-
  1. L femur (thigh)
  2. L humerus (upper arm)
  3. L ulna (wrist)
  4. L radius (wrist)
  5. R radius (wrist)
He also has broken his
  1. L scapula (shoulder blade)
  2. sternum (chest bone)
  3. L clavicle (collarbone)
  4. some L ribs
  5. acetabulum (pelvis) 
They initially thought they would repair the pelvis and clavicle as well, but cut the surgery short because it was just so much work- so much more stress to his body. Today his neurosurgeon put a "bolt" in his cranium- a little peg that monitors the pressure in his skull. It needs to stay under a 20, whatever that means.

Today was a day of being still and healing after surgery.

James' left eye is also damaged. The opthamalogist  initially said his cornea had a large cut right across it. He stitched the cornea closed but said his eye was really ruined up at the top under his eyebrow. A plastic surgeon stitched up cuts around his eye.

Late this evening James' potassium was very high. It is because his body is filtering so much stuff his muscles are dumping into his bloodstream from the injuries. They did a flush to try to clear them out. If it hadn't worked they were going to have to put him on a dialysis machine to help his body cope- but the flush worked and his numbers are all stable. Praise God.

Right wrist

Femur (thighbone)

Left Humerus (upper arm)

L wrist- you can see the staples.


  1. Well, I can say one thing about these x-rays - you can tell James has healthy bones and it took a mighty strong amount of impact to break them up like that. Those healthy bones means good genes and good healing to come. Praise God! So amazing and awesome!

  2. Why are you up so late? Wow! Those X-rays are impressive. Can you even believe any one human can be so damned tough!. Support system still at work? Obviously.... Boy he owes you some awesome meals.lol Cindy canas


  3. Scott Berry Oh my gosh. It hurt so bad just looking at those breaks that I had to go take some Ibuprofen...