Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 15-21- Quick Update

Hello Hello.

As I type, Jenni is going through James' old flip phone, going through the names and calling everyone to let them know that James was in the wreck. It's been awful, because we're all used to the news and we're laughing at the way James saves people's names into his phone, and so she's not very somber, we're telling this terrible news but with laughter in our voices.

So, some updates.

Wednesday January 16

James wrote legibly. He asked a nurse how long he'd worked there.

He had an 11 hour surgery to repair all the facial fractures.  (That will be a separate post, sorry)

Thursday January 17

 I got the title settled on the wrecked van, and sent the information to the other driver's insurance company. Also I made a list of the stuff that was ruined or missing in the van, and sent that as well. I was at my Farmer's insurance office so long, that Joseph fell asleep.


Friday January 18 2013

Today I "took the morning off" and hung out with the kids. I had to phone authorization to two nurses that James could get his nose fixed today. Evidently, when they fixed his facial bones they broke his nose. So now he has to go back to OR to get it fixed. Blargh!!

James was very upset, anxious, and distressed this evening. He wasn't liking whatever med they gave him and it showed! He was kicking the foot of the bed and whacking his arm on the side rails.

Saturday January 19, 2013

They tried a new med on James and it is great. He is calm, and has gotten some seriously good rest. He has only had a few good naps since he regained consciousness, really only 2-3, and today he had a 6 hour rest. Real rest, not restless rest.

Wound care came and took out the rest of the staples on his left arm. I'll post a picture soon. It's beautiful. Also, the ortho DRs gave a lot of attention to his Koi fish tattoo, and the delicate transparent fins are perfectly lined up.

Sunday January 20 2013

Today James had the nurse and then his mom call me to tell me to come in!! Then when I got there he told me he missed the kids and wanted to see them. They will only let Claire visit, because I lied and said she ws 12.

BUT the night nurse came on and said all the kids could come in!! So we washed their hands, gave them the briefing about his machines and injuries, and snuck them in the back door after 9.  It was a great visit. Everyone gave him a side hug and kisses, and checked out the room. Jackson and Lily got overwhelmed and I took them to the waiting room to talk. Claire and Nathan stayed with their Aunt Jenni and James for about 40 minutes. Nathan gave him a foot rub and Claire held his right arm and talked his ear off-- evidently she's planning a second marriage ceremony when we get his ring fixed.

Monday January 21, 2013

The DR came by and said the clavicle is being repaired tomorrow morning. I guess they decide whether or not to fix it based on if you need it when you are in therapy- whether you need to lean on a walker or what.

They are not addressing the patella, which must be good because it must not be that bad of a break.

OT came and put James in the chair again. He sat up for a while getting his head clear, and they asked him questions about the stuff hanging up in the room- pictures and cards, and he answered with the ABC chart, which makes me grumpy, cause he won't use it with me. He gets so grumpy when I can't understand his silent talking, and hardly ever wants to write. Then when he's super upset and he enunciates too clearly there is NO chance of understanding because it's too slow. One thing I did understand right away was "Get off  the phone!"

No, I'm not on the phone all the time either.


  1. It's amazing how far James has progressed with such trauma to his body. Giving thanks with you for each small step of improvement. His mercies are new every morning. Thanks Tracy for exemplifying Christ in your love for James.

  2. It's all truly a work of God. He had such an awesome visit with Bobby (step-brother) yesterday. I feel so good about their relationship right now and how Jason's death and James' accident will bring them so close. Bobby read scripture to him from Jack's (James' Dad) bible and he was really pleased with that. I was so stoked at how good he looks since last Monday's visit and he is so much more responsive and alert. His frustration level with our inability to understand him is completely understandable, but I can also see the frustration you (Tracy) have with it because you love him so much. This has been quite an amazing journey and it's not going to get easier. There will be more challenges along the way of his recovery. Knowing, believing and trusting - Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." Prayers continue for his strong body to convince his strong will to allow the love of Jesus to keep holding him together.
    Love you all so much. It was great seeing you and the children yesterday. Special thanks to Cornell and Jenni for their daily perseverance keeping the homefront together.