Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fast Healing Man

Jan 17-
Wound care came by and removed more staples from his left arm. They took every other one, then some actual stitches, then came back and took more. In some places there are perpendicular cuts that needed a little longer to heal. I can't believe how well it's healing. Here are some pictures comparing them to his first days at Brackenridge (Jan 7-10 or so).
This sock keeps the silicon bandages in place
The back of his lower arm- Jan 9 or so

The back of his forearm hasn't healed as well because it is always
against the pillow and isn't getting as much air. Jan 24.
 The car made this incision, the DR said.
"car incision" Jan 22

inside of bicep
inside of bicep Jan 22
hand abrasion
Hand Jan 22

They spent some time lining up the Koi's body and I think it looks really good.


  1. Hi James! Just wanted to say hi & let you know we love you! We check for updates on your recovery everyday, thanks to your amazing wife Tracy Dear. We are so grateful to be kept in the loop while so far away. You have love and well wishes coming from all over the world, James!! Xoxo - J & M

  2. Amazing healer you are. Love you aunt Cindy

  3. Hey Cuz! My family and I pray every night for your recovery. I have been checking in with Tracy's Face Book as well as txting your mom to see how your doing. Thats how I found this blog site! What a great Idea! I found it on Tracy's post. I just want you to know that the Berry's from South Texas have been praying and we love you and hope you can have a full recovery, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. This has been a traumatic event for everyone and we pray for Tracy and the kids too! Love to all! Todd